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The place to come to find healthy recipes for GAPS, Paleo, SCD, IBS diet followers (or for any other healthy diets).   


This site is not about fine dining and presentation; it is all about buying, cooking, and eating healthy food.  It is about following healthy diet recipes using very good quality ingredients, taste and flavours.

Originally I was from Russia, am married to a British man, and we live in West Sussex. My 2 main obsessive hobbies are healthy, organic food and photography.

By my education I am a manager and an accounts technician therefore am used to writing a lot of procedures and instructions. People who used them were very happy and always succeeded in their tasks. This gives me hope that by sharing with you my knowledge and recipes for healthy diets and healthy cooking it will help you. Link – more about us.

This website is for someone who:

-has to follow healthy diets for health reasons

-cooks 3 hours or more per day and would like to cut it down as much as possible or just needs more healthy diet recipes  and practical advice about cooking healthy food

-does not know where and how to start at all

-would like to cook and eat gluten-free, grain free, sugar free, low carb, non-starchy food

-realises that it would be good for them to follow a healthy diet, but do not want to get stressed about it, just take it easy and start trying with simple and quick stuff (or does not have enough time or money to do it, does not want that their family and friends to think that they are “going mad” or showing off),

-cannot chew or swallow solid food, for example after dental treatment or an operation,

-needs healthy recipes to follow  Dr Robert Rakowski’s 4”R”, 7"D" Program

-needs healthy recipes to follow  Dr Robert Rakowski’s Detox Protocol

-needs healthy recipes to follow low histamine diet

-interested in buying organic healthy food and local products

You will find on this healthy recipes website:

-free original healthy recipes which were tested for many years by my family and I

-free practical advice, tips and helpful information for people who follow healthy diets

-free tips and techniques about how to use kitchen equipment and tools for healthy cooking

-accurate timing of how long will it take to make a complete dish from start to finish (prepare, cook, clean)

-links to the health benefits of particular ingredients ,the latest research and advice from respected scientists, doctors, nutritionists and practitioners.

-links to information about supplements that support healthy diets

-links to recommended health tests and functional practitioners

-for individuals, groups, organisations in the London and Sussex area the following can be arranged:

·      presentations, consultations, workshops about healthy diet recipes, healthy cooking, and healthy eating

·      cooking. 

This website will provide information about:

How to save some time cooking healthy recipes for a specific diet?

How to choose bone marrow?

Which kind of cabbage to buy for fermented vegetables?

How to make kefir? What has more health benefits for you yogurt or kefir? How do you know that has not gone off?

Which honey is the best for healthy diets and how to eat it correctly?

Which eggs are the best for making poached eggs?,

Which kind of mince and vegetables to use for a healthier version of a cottage pie?

How to save soup and broth for 5 or more days?

Which oil and butter to use for cooking in which healthy diet recipes?

Which garlic crusher is the most practical?

Do you feel overwhelmed and helpless? Feeling like crying “Why me? I  just want to be normal!!!”... Please do not worry.. Relax!...It Will Help. I felt like that for the last year or so, but as soon as I relaxed, made a plan and took action things got better, including my health.

If you for some reasons have to follow healthy diets (e.g. GAPS, Paleo, SCD, IBS) and do a lot of healthy cooking, but have never heard about:

fermented vegetables, milk kefir and coconut kefir,

soaked nuts,

or never cooked :

bone marrow,


gluten free bread and pancakes

you will find all of this information and more on this website.

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Baked Apple with Nuts, Cottage Cheese, Banana and Raspberries
Chocolate creme with coconut milk and banana
Chocolate Mousse with Coconut milk and Banana
Pork Escalope with Cheese and Mushrooms
Homemade Ghee
Pork Escalope with Roasted Vegetables
Chicken with Coconut Milk