Baked Apples


Baked apples are a great and easy recipe for someone who is not allowed to eat any kind of sugar apart from fruit. Suitable for Gaps, Paleo, Primal, SCD and people with blood sugar problems.

Baked Apples

Suitable: Gaps, Paleo, Primal, SCD and people with blood sugar problems

Allergies: No nuts, No seeds, No eggs, No dairy, No Sugar

You will need:

One medium size ovenproof tray 35cm/14 inches by 20cm/8inches
One Chopping Board
One Sharp Kitchen Knife

I always use Gala apples for this recipe because they are very sweet and keep their shape very well. I have never use any sweetener with my Gala baked apples. You can use any kind of apples apart from cooking apples because they are sharp and sour. If you still would like to use cooking apples just add honey or banana sauce when serving.


1.5kg/3.30lb apples

350gr/0.8lb water


50gr/1.8oz honey for garnish when served, NOT when you are baking them

NB Honey should always be unpasteurised and not heated to more than 40C/104F otherwise it loses its healing properties and becomes toxic

Preparation time: 2-4 min

Cooking time: 1-1.5 hour

Preparation method:

Wash the apples under cold water for 1 min until clean

Optional: take the core out with a small sharp knife, it will increase preparation time by 10-15 min, but will make eating process easier and quicker. It may worth doing when you cook for children. I usually bake whole apples and eat them with knife and folk.

Place into the deep baking tray

Add all of the water


Put the tray into the oven

Temperature must be around 170C/340F with a fan oven and 180C/350F without a fan oven

After 1 hour check the softness of the apples with a fork or teaspoon.

They are ready when they are soft and brownish in colour

There is no strict guideline but I like my apples to be very soft and melting in the mouth. Usually the more they are cooked the softer and sweeter they are.

Serve Baked Apples on its own, with fresh or frozen fruits, honey, nuts, banana and raspberry sauce.

Tips: You should put water in the tray because it will give moisture to the apples while cooking and stop them sticking to the tray.

The water will mostly evaporate but some of it will be left on the bottom of the tray and become delicious, sweet syrup. Use a wooden spatula to scrape it from the tray.

You can try to experiment with different types of apples as the taste will differ.

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